I’m taking a break from teaching in a classroom for a while. Instead, I’m working on educating investors on portfolio management through real-world applications.

If you’re interested, you can still click here to see my intro finance lecture material.

Courses I’ve taught:

  • Equity & Capital Markets (U. Florida, FIN 4504)
  • Introduction to Financial Management (East Carolina U., FINA 3724)
  • Investments (FINA 3904)
  • Financial Management II (East Carolina U., FINA 3804)
  • Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (East Carolina U., FINA 4404)
  • Financial Management I (East Carolina U., FINA 6144)

Teaching Philosophy:

I have three core beliefs that guide my interactions with students. First, a good teacher prepares an engaging class to deliver concepts and information that aids retention, encourages critical thinking about new material, and provides opportunities to apply the concepts. Second, I teach students, not subjects. I believe that my students deserve a high level of consideration and fairness. Finally, I believe that I can constantly improve as a teacher. I love learning, tackling new challenges, and discovering new ways to think about problems. Teaching offers a constantly rewarding opportunity to learn from and interact with students.

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